Relocation Towing


  • Are neighboring businesses utilizing your prime parking space leaving you with limited parking for your customers?
  • Are neighboring residents using your parking lot without authorization?
  • Do you want to keep reserved spaces clear of unauthorized vehicles?
  • Are people abandoning their vehicles on your property?
  • Does your property suffer from fire-lane or handicap parking abuse?
  • Were you ever fined for not keeping your fire-lanes clear?
  • Are vehicles blocking your entrance or your loading zones?
    If you answered yes to any of those questions, we can help. We offer a relocation towing service that comes at no cost to property owners or managers. Our signage, permits, stickers and maintenance  are free of charge to our clients. The vehicle owner is responsible for the towing fees associated with this service.
   We offer different types of systems to choose from: call, patrol, and spotting system.

Call system: Rapid Recovery Inc. agents will be dispatched only with the receipt of a call from authorized property personnel for the removal of any parking violators at the vehicle owners expense.

Patrol system: Rapid Recovery Inc. agents will patrol the lot for unauthorized vehicles. This can be set up for 24 hours or designated hours patrol. Any vehicles not displaying a valid sticker, permit or trespassing on the property during designated hours will be towed at the vehicle owners expense. 

Spotting system: Rapid Recovery Inc. agents will monitor the parking lot and remove any parking violators. Any violators witnessed of utilizing the parking lot and leaving the property or in violation of  the property's  reserved space rules will be towed at the vehicle owners expense.

Call us today to see what system works best for you

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